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The Angels of SWLA is a non-profit corporation funded by membership fees. Accordingly, there is no application fee associated with submitting your business plan.

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Angels of SWLA facilitates the introduction of entrepreneurs to potential investor. We are a group of individual angel investors interested in financing and nurturing early stage companies.

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Angels of Southwest Louisiana

The Angels of Southwest Louisiana is a Non-Profit Corporation involved in Entrepreneurship educational development and economic diversification within Southwest Louisiana. We are dedicated to fostering Entrepreneurship and encouraging Innovation as a means of providing quality early stage investment opportunities for Accredited Investors. We seek meaningful and unique innovation and assist early-stage companies with fundraising, mentoring and advisory services.
We are not a managed fund, but a group of like-minded members who make individual decisions to invest in early-stage companies that present their plan to the Angel Group.
Our purpose is:

  • 1) To provide positive impact to the economy of Southwest Louisiana by supporting innovation that will yield meaningful and unique products and services
  • 2) To support early-stage businesses with financing, connections, market knowledge, mentoring and advisory services
  • 3) 1) To learn from our members and entrepreneurs while earning a fair return for member investors