Angels of Southwest Louisiana members make their own investment decisions. Angel Group members are seeking opportunities to invest in high growth potential early-stage companies with competitive advantage and good management team capable of executing the plan. Generally, Angel Group members will ask:

1) Does the Plan address an important problem or unique opportunity?
2) Does the Plan offer a good solution?
3) Does the Plan present solutions better than competition, or disruptive technology that will change the game?
4) Has progress been made toward addressing and mitigating risks?
5) Does the Plan offer reasonable risk-adjusted return to Angel investors?

Angels of Southwest Louisiana uses “Gust” a secure deal flow and portfolio management tool widely used by Angel Groups and Venture Capital Funds for funding applications. If this is your first application using Gust (f.k.a. Angelsoft) you will need to register. If you have made prior applications, you may login using your existing information.

After you login, you will proceed step-by-step providing information about your company. You will have the ability to upload documents, business plan and presentation.

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